• Long Beans with Coconut

    April 29, 2021peppercook

      I’m trying to add more greens to #hotnspicyhusband’s diet and mine as well. Whenever I write a recipe, I always try to make it easy so my adult children can make it too.  This is a typical Kerala Thoran – or a dry spiced vegetable made with a paste of coconut, chilies, and cumin.…

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  • Easy Asian Pan Fried Chicken

    September 22, 2020peppercook

      With four children, one in college, and three feeding themselves full-time, I have realised there is definitely a need for easy, quick Asian recipes. And while the kids want to eat familiar food, they definitely don’t want the labour of familiar food! So I’ve gone back to the reason I started my blog –…

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  • Spicy Fried Coconut Prawns

    June 30, 2020peppercook

      These delicious fried prawns, marinated in pineapple juice with crunchy coconut crust make an impressive tropical starter or main course recipe! Ingredients: 12 large prawns, cleaned and deveined 100ml pineapple juice  2 tablespoons lemon or lime juice (optional) ½ teaspoon turmeric ½ teaspoon red chili, ground 4 garlic cloves, chopped or pounded 1 2-3”…

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  • Mom’s Recipe # 15 – Chicken Shami Kebab

    June 12, 2020peppercook

      These are super easy kebabs – made with chicken breast, spices, garlic, ginger and onions (the whole North Indian shebang!) They are tender and delicious, and easy enough for even a novice cook! Perfect as a starter for guests at dinner. Ingredients: 250g boneless chicken breast halves  (about 2-3pieces) ¼ cup chana dal, about…

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  • Peanut Butter Chicken

    June 10, 2020peppercook

      This is a great recipe for a novice cook or even a pro one! This peanut butter chicken is packed with flavour from peanut butter, chiles, and sesame oil. It is easy and quick to make and is ideal for college cooking or young professionals who want to make a simple, tasty meal. Delicious…

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  • Mom’s Recipe #1 – Cheese Puffs

    May 13, 2020peppercook

      These are my favourite childhood cheese puffs and they’re super easy to make! My friends who popped by from school loved them!  Mom would whip them up in just a few minutes and we would eat them with Delmonte ketchup. And that’s what my kids did today when these hit the table! Looking for…

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  • Mom’s Recipe # 4 – Potato and Coconut Kachories

    May 6, 2020peppercook

      Stuck at home during the COVID19 crisis, I’ve been trying out a lot of my Mom’s recipes.  This is the perfect situation in which to try the more time-consuming ones, as, on some mornings, the day just stretches out timelessly. With the whole family at home, enticing aromas emanating from the kitchen keep everyone’s…

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  • Spicy Chicken with Maple

    March 2, 2020peppercook

      This spicy maple chicken is by far one of the super-easiest recipes, plus yummy!   I like the unusual combination of cumin, chilies, and thyme which complement the roasted “brown’ notes of maple syrup. I’m sure this chicken will taste even better on a charcoal grill! It is easy enough for college going students and young…

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  • Dry Malabar Prawns

    June 20, 2017thepeppercook

      A quick, delicious Kerala recipe of juicy prawns fried until crispy in coconut oil, marinated in a fragrant blend of grated coconut, coriander leaves, cumin, Malabar peppercorns, and fiery red chilies, enhanced by tangy tamarind. Ingredients: 350g-400g / about 20 pieces medium-large prawns, cleaned deveined (without shell) a 1½ inch ball of tamarind pulp…

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  • Kerala Masala Calamari

    October 8, 2016thepeppercook

      Masala Calamari is a favourite South Indian seafood recipe, loaded with flavour from fennel, coriander, and other spices. Once you’ve prepped, the calamari is quick to cook, and a popular starter for company! Ingredients: 500g squid, cleaned and cut into rings 1 teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon turmeric ½ teaspoon Kashmiri chili, ground 3 cloves…

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