• Kerala Pumpkin Pineapple and Banana curry

    May 20, 2017thepeppercook

    Chef Benny’s sweet, sour and spicy pumpkin, banana and pineapple khichadi (curry) is an easy Kerala recipe – a curry of pumpkin, fruit, coconut, yoghurt and spices. Sweet, sour, salty and spicy, this is the perfect side for a grilled piece of fish or a nice teriyaki chicken breast. It is also satisfying with just…

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  • Cochin Cooking Class with Chef Benny

    May 2, 2017thepeppercook

    Local food is easy to take for granted, and you only really notice after you leave. While living on the backwaters of Cochin, it never once occurred to me to take a cooking class. Great seafood was available through native cooks and restaurants at reasonable prices whenever my stomach desired. But once I moved to Mumbai, I…

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