• Garlicky Green Rice

    February 18, 2021peppercook

      A healthy green addition to lunch or dinner, which is no effort at all! This rice is gently flavoured with garlic greens and spinach, and is a great way to get the family to eat more vegetable! Ingredients: ½ cup short-grain white rice click here to buy the rice we use 2 cups spinach (about…

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  • Mexican Vegetable Rice

    August 26, 2020peppercook

      This flavourful, spicy Mexican vegetable rice is loaded with fresh veggies, an easy way to incorporate them into a delicious meal! This is a great one-pot dish to eat as-is, or you can wrap up the rice in a burrito. Ingredients: 1 cup uncooked white rice 1 onion, diced 4 cloves garlic, minced ½…

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  • Quick Mexican Corn Casserole

    July 4, 2020peppercook

      This one-bowl  Mexican casserole is full of vegetables, and hardly takes 10 minutes to whip up – just grate the cheese directly into the baking dish! And it tastes even better the next day! This recipe is an old family favourite, something my Mom baked every weekend when we were children.  Perfectly easy for…

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  • Mushrooms in Yoghurt Cream with Dill

    June 3, 2020peppercook

      These mushrooms in yoghurt are quick and easy to make and are a wonderful filling for pita bread with falafel, or in a sandwich.  This dish also works as a dip, but is yummy enough just to eat as is! Dill and mint add tremendous flavour to the mushrooms, and I find I can…

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  • Sri Lankan Inspired – Sweet Potato Curry

    May 27, 2020peppercook

    One of my favourite vegetables is the humble sweet potato – which tastes the best in this Srilankan-inspired sweet potato curry.  Key flavours in this curry come from cinnamon and coconut milk.  Srilankan cinnamon is of course the world’s best, and those fragile rolls of cinnamon have a far more subtle flavour than the rough,…

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  • Spinach Rice with Truffle Butter

    May 15, 2020peppercook

    When we all want to be gluten-free, this is my family’s go-to rice dish.  A rice dish with basic ingredients and one that is the show stopper – truffle butter!  Since all the ingredients are available, I have been making my spinach rice with truffle butter during the lockdown as well!  Easy, quick, and delicious, it is tasty…

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  • Mom’s Recipe #1 – Cheese Puffs

    May 13, 2020peppercook

      These are my favourite childhood cheese puffs and they’re super easy to make! My friends who popped by from school loved them!  Mom would whip them up in just a few minutes and we would eat them with Delmonte ketchup. And that’s what my kids did today when these hit the table! Looking for…

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  • Mom’s Recipe # 4 – Potato and Coconut Kachories

    May 6, 2020peppercook

      Stuck at home during the COVID19 crisis, I’ve been trying out a lot of my Mom’s recipes.  This is the perfect situation in which to try the more time-consuming ones, as, on some mornings, the day just stretches out timelessly. With the whole family at home, enticing aromas emanating from the kitchen keep everyone’s…

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  • Sweet Rice with Saffron and Nuts ( Zardah Pulao)

    March 4, 2020peppercook

      The word “zarda” is Persian for yellow, and this yellow rice gets its colour both from saffron as well as food colouring. Fragrant with the aroma of saffron, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom carried through by the buttery ghee, and rich with almonds and pistachios, this is an easy traditional favourite! One of the simplest…

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  • Buckwheat Khichadi

    January 20, 2020peppercook

    This buckwheat khichadi is a savoury porridge, akin a pulao, made with the gluten-free groats of buckwheat, and is delicious. Flavoured with chilies, cumin, potatoes, peanuts, coconut as well as other spices, it’s a one-dish wonder for lunch or dinner when served with fresh yoghurt. Ingredients: ½ cup buckwheat groats (whole kuttu) Buy my favourite buckwheat now…

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