• Garlicky Field Beans Rice

    November 7, 2022peppercook

        This rice dish – garlicky field beans and coconut rice- from my Mom’s old 1952 cookbook, is perfect for evening meal. Flavoured with onions, coconut, chilies, garlic (not browned) and cumin, it’s unusual and filling. Served with yoghurt or kadhi (tempered yoghurt), and a side of mango pickle, its perfect for a weekday meal or even weekend guests! Ingredients:…

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    • Fragrant Pineapple Rice

      November 7, 2022peppercook

          I had started posting my Mom’s recipes from what is now termed “Mom’s Golden Recipe Book.” It’s actually a notebook from her college days when she had taken home science classes at the age of 16. It’s fun because the terms are so outdated and lots of ingredients or steps are missing in recipes. Mom says the teacher worked…

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      • Kerala-inspired Chicken with Coconut

        July 15, 2021peppercook

            A delicious, fragrant chicken peppered with aromatic South Indian spices and browned notes of roasted coconut. Easy to make, and impressive to serve, this is a must-try for lunch or dinner. Ingredients:  2 medium-sized chicken breast halves (300gm), cut into 1-1½” cubes ¾ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon turmeric Click here to buy our favourite turmeric powder ¼ teaspoon red…

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        • Prawns in Tamarind Coconut Curry

          June 23, 2021peppercook

              Cooking doesn’t get any easier. A simple, Goa-inspired prawn curry flavoured with garlic, onions and coriander. Prawns are easy and quick to make, and always impress guests. This curry, cooked with tamarind and coconut milk, is ready in a jiffy. Light, not too spicy, tart and creamy, it’s lovely for brunch or dinner! Ingredients: 15 pieces large prawns (250g),…

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          • Goan-Inspired Eggplant with Vinegar

            June 1, 2021peppercook

                A simple, yet delicious Indian eggplant recipe with Goan roots. This mildly spiced makes a great vegan lunch or dinner dish with rice. The cubes of eggplant readily soak up a spicy tomato paste marinade and soften, making them an ideal vegetable for any kind of Indian bread, or a topping on crusty bread! Ingredients: 1 large eggplant, about…

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            • Mangalorean Chicken with Coconut

              May 14, 2021peppercook

                  Roasted coconut, roasted coriander, and roasted chilies are the triad that give this Mangalorean-inspired chicken its delicious smoky flavour. Simple and easy, this tropical dish is great for an Indian -themed brunch or dinner. Ingredients: 3 chicken breast halves (250g), cut into 1.5” cubes salt – ¾ teaspoon or to taste ⅓ cup coconut, freshly grated 2 teaspoons coriander…

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              • Indian Cauliflower with Five Spices (Panch Phoran)

                May 7, 2021peppercook

                    An easy and tasty Bengali-inspired cauliflower that gets its flavour from the five unique spices and their aromas that make Panch Phoran. You don’t need a lot of this 5-mixed-spice to enhance the lovely taste of cauliflower! These motley spices when added together create a super-seasoning punch that gets further leveraged by the mustard oil! Light and easy without…

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                • Long Beans with Coconut

                  April 29, 2021peppercook

                      I’m trying to add more greens to #hotnspicyhusband’s diet and mine as well. Whenever I write a recipe, I always try to make it easy so my adult children can make it too.  This is a typical Kerala Thoran – or a dry spiced vegetable made with a paste of coconut, chilies, and cumin. Indian food doesn’t get any…

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                  • Minty Greek Tzatziki

                    April 23, 2021peppercook

                        A creamy, Greek version of the Indian raita, tzatziki is the perfect summer accompaniment to falafel and pita. Mint, pepper and garlic give this creamy side or sauce a great punch! Ingredients: 1 cucumber, peeled ½ teaspoon salt 4-6 cloves garlic, minced finely 1½ cup sour cream (if using plain or greek yoghurt, hang 2 cups yoghurt for 4-6…

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                    • Garlicky Green Rice

                      February 18, 2021peppercook

                          A healthy green addition to lunch or dinner, which is no effort at all! This rice is gently flavoured with garlic greens and spinach, and is a great way to get the family to eat more vegetable! Ingredients: ½ cup short-grain white rice click here to buy the rice we use 2 cups spinach (about 125g), washed and coarsely chopped…

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