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  • Black Bean and Sweet Potato Pie

    October 21, 2022peppercook

    What Covid-19 taught me is that I am a hoarder of food! And that isn’t always a bad thing. Especially with shops shut for months and so many mouths to feed stuck at home. I am also a a creative cook – not much of a recipe person at all. So I had a ton…

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  • Gulkand (Rose Petal Jam) Yoghurt Cake

    May 26, 2021peppercook

    Being locked at home for virtually a year has given me a lot of time to experiment and play with ingredients! And thank God for Amazon! It has given me a chance to buy and experiment with lots of fun Indian and regional food favorites, both familiar and unfamiliar.  Just a little Covid retail therapy!…

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  • Seva Kitchen at The Pepper Cook Studio

    March 17, 2020peppercook

    I’ve always wanted to run a soup kitchen, inspired by the langars (community free kitchens) serving meals at the Gurudwaras (Sikh places of worship) while growing up in the Philippines. Later in college, I spent several years working in a soup kitchen too.   The city of Mumbai needs community kitchens to serve the people who…

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  • Buckwheat Khichdi

    April 24, 2019thepeppercook

    If you had asked me a yer ago what buckwheat groats tasted like, I would have given you a blank stare.  But fortunately, my experiments with gluten-free food have educated me! Most people don’t realize that buckwheat is native to Indian cuisine. While its popularity has been more people looking for glutenfree options in flours…

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  • Banana Flour Banana Bread

    March 29, 2019thepeppercook

    Personally I don’t have an issue with gluten at all, but when my son suffered extreme digestive distress, he was asked to go off gluten completely for three months.  In that time, I accumulated a whole pantry full of gluten-free products to experiment with (and we also ate a ton of rice!) But the outcome…

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  • No-Mess Coconut Cardamom Cake

    March 7, 2019thepeppercook

    In January a year ago, my New Year’s resolution had been to cook every single recipe in my Mom’s college cooking-class notebook – now named by some of my Instagram friends as “Mom’s Golden Book,” and that too in order! But the going has been slow, and when I hit “Invalid Cookery,” I decided it…

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  • Peanut Butter Chicken – College Cooking

    February 6, 2019thepeppercook

    When I visit my three children in US who are in college, I am always depressed and disappointed by the food they eat. Whether in dorm canteens, or if they live on their own in apartments, in their kitchens, most meals are dismal and consist of some kind of bread, pasta, pizza or fried chicken. Even…

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  • A 1929 Almond Cake

    January 29, 2019thepeppercook

    “Anuja Aunty can I come and cook with you?”  Music to my ears!  Aashna Sundesha, one of my favorite students had graduated from the school in Mumbai and moved to be a thriving freshman at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. She had just reached home for Christmas break and was excited about recipes she…

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  • A Novice Indian Cook

    January 22, 2019thepeppercook

    It was dreadful. Egg Foo Young was by far the worst thing on the menu. A cold-ish egg omelet with what could only be leftover vegetables and chicken from an earlier meal, it looked like it had already been eaten! And the fact that I had to smell it twice, once while eating and once…

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  • Quick Mexican Corn Casserole

    November 13, 2018thepeppercook

    Everyone has that super easy dish that they make when gets suddenly drop by and there isn’t enough dinner!  Mine is Mexican Corn Casserole!  My Mom used to make a corn casserole and serve it with garlic bread every Saturday night when they would be out for dinner, and we kids would be stuck at…

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