Urad Dal

November 2, 2020thepeppercook
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Urad dal is known as Vigna Mungo or as white lentils in English. Black gram, which is  skinned and split in half, becomes urad dal. The plant originated in India, where it has been in cultivation from ancient times, and is one of the most highly prized pulses of India. The coastal region in Andhra Pradesh is famous for black gram after paddy.. Black gram has also been introduced to other tropical areas mainly by Indian immigrants. Vigna mungo is largely used to make dal from the whole or split, dehusked seeds. The bean is boiled and eaten whole or, after splitting, made into dal; prepared like this it has an unusual mucilaginous texture. It is also extensively used in South Indian culinary preparations. Urad Dal is one of the key ingredient in making the Idli-Dosa batter, where one part of Urad Dal is mixed with three or four parts of Idli Rice to make the batter. Urad dal also used in making Papad, notably the South Indian version known as Appalam and Papadum.  Urad dal is also used in tempering  rice and vegetable dishes in the south of India, the fried dal adding a crunch to otherwise smooth dishes. Urad dal, when cooked or boiled, is soft and spongy with a sticky, floury flavour.

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