November 2, 2020thepeppercook
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 Ajwain, also known as Ajowan, is called carom seed or bishops weed in English. It grows in the northern state of India – Rajasthan – as well as the Eastern areas near Bihar. It is found predominantly in North Indian cooking, especially in breads and fried starters like samosas and other dry salted snacks made of flour. It is commonly used in breads such as paranthas and puris, and also to flavor vegetables such as radish and beans. Ajwain  has a unique enough flavor that it is usually not combined with any other spices except red chilies. The leaves of the plant smell very much like oregano, and they are often used as a replacement for oregano in Indian kitchens. Ajwain, while tiny seeds, have a strong bitter, pungent flavor, which is hard to replace in Indian food.

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