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Grated Coconut

Coconut is generally cultivated in the tropical and coastal Indian states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal and the Union Territories of Pondicherry, Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar. In southern India, the most common way of cooking vegetables is to add grated coconut and then steam them with spices fried in oil. People from southern India also make chutney, which involves grinding the coconut with salt, chillies, and whole spices. Uruttu chammanthi (granulated chutney) is eaten with rice or kanji (rice gruel). It is also invariably the main side dish served with idlis, medu vadas and dosas. Coconut ground with spices is also mixed in sambar and various other dishes for extra taste. Coconut is also widely used in the western part of India and added to grated vegetables. It is often combined with mustard and other spices, and used as a marinade for meats. Coconut is the ultimate ingredient for those who love the tropical fruit and its gentle flavour in their cooking.

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Anuja Kohli Mariwala

An engineer, home cook, Pilates instructor, Education Consultant and mother of four.

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